Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting Screen Resolution with WMI and PowerShell

Getting the screen resolution with PowerShell is quite simple:

param( [string]$strComputer = "." )
= Get-WmiObject `
-class "Win32_DisplayConfiguration" `
-computername $strComputer

foreach ($display in $displays) {
= New-Object psObject
Add-Member NoteProperty DeviceName $display.DeviceName
Add-Member NoteProperty PelsWidth $display.PelsWidth
Add-Member NoteProperty PelsHeight $display.PelsHeight
Add-Member NoteProperty BitsPerPel $display.BitsPerPel
Add-Member NoteProperty DisplayFrequency $display.DisplayFrequency
-Output $obj

Setting the resolution is not so simple. There are a few ways to do this, none of them completely native to PowerShell. You can pass parameters to a compiled executable like this one listed on CodeProject or Qres (Thanks Hal for the links). If warranted, and ambition wasn't an issue, you could write inline C#. Check out Lee Holmes' Invoke-Inline for a wrapper for this.



halr9000 said...

I think ambition is an issue. :)

Wes Stahler said...

Guily as charged..

Malcolm McCaffery said...

Actually it can be done much simpler

"Screen width: " + $res.Width + " Screen Height: " + $res.Height

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