Thursday, May 28, 2009

File Migration with PowerShell

Was recently tasked with assisting our file migration project. Until the following script (assumes you are using Quest AD Commandlets), this was a manual process.
$Users = get-content -path c:\users.txt
foreach ($User in $Users) {
$SourceFolder = "\\HumanResources\vol10\Users\$User"
$NewFolderName = "$SourceFolder-Migrated"

$homeDir = "\\personal-p01\users$\" + $User.substring(0,1) + "\$User"
Copy-Item $SourceFolder -Destination $homeDir -Recurse

$User -ObjectAttributes @{'HomeDirectory'=$homeDir; 'HomeDrive'= 'P:'}
$rule=new-object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAccessRule("OSUMC\$User","FullControl","Allow")

foreach ($file in $(Get-ChildItem $homeDir -recurse)) {
$acl=get-acl $file.FullName
set-acl $File.Fullname $acl
# set the acl on the root folder
set-acl $homeDir $acl

# Rename-item doesn't work, so copy and delete
Copy-item $SourceFolder -Destination "$SourceFolder-migrated" -Recurse
Remove-Item $SourceFolder -Recurse -Force

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Benjamin said...

Cell formating is off in Firefox for this post for some reason. Great script to have though! Thanks a ton!