Saturday, August 18, 2012

PowerShell V3 - $PSDefaultParameterValues

One of the new features of PowerShell V3 that I find very helpful is having the ability to automatically pass default parameters to cmdlets or advanced functions.

Here are a few snippets of code that shows how to manipulate them.  Simply include your default parameters in your profile and script on!

# Intitial creation (perhaps place in profile)            
# Add another one            
# opps, need to modify the email address            
# Add another one (straight out of Get-Help) that utilizes a scriptblock
$PSDefaultParameterValues+=@{"Format-Table:AutoSize"={if ($host.Name –eq "ConsoleHost"){$true}}}            
# Remove one            
# Remove all of them            
# Temporarily disable all parameters            
$PSDefaultParameterValues.Add("Disabled", $true)            
# Remove the temporary disable            

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